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The Saxon Insurance Agency provides commercial property insurance coverage to businesses in Texas.

Commercial Property Insurance Texas

What is commercial property insurance? 

Commercial real estate of any type represents a substantial investment, and it’s important to protect any real estate property a business has invested in. One important aspect of protecting commercial properties in Texas is purchasing commercial property insurance.

Commercial property insurance offers specialized coverage options for commercial real estate properties. Policies can bundle multiple coverages together, protecting against an array of risks.

What Texas businesses need to carry business property insurance?

Most businesses that own commercial real estate in Texas probably should have business property insurance. Almost all businesses would struggle to recover if their property sustained major damage.

For businesses that have an outstanding loan on their property, insurance is likely compulsory. Many lenders require a certain amount of insurance, in order to make sure the lender’s investment is protected.

Commercial Property Insurance Texas

What types of properties are business property policies purchased for? 

Many different types of commercial properties can be insured with business property policies. Policies might be purchased for retail outlets, eateries, office spaces, residential buildings with multiple units, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, agricultural structures, and even some undeveloped lands. These are just some examples, and not a comprehensive list.

What insurance coverages should businesses get for their properties?

Businesses usually need multiple coverages if they’re going to insure a building or other property well. Some commonly available protections are:

  • Building Coverage: Typically insures the main structure situated on the insured property. May cover other structures on the property as well.
  • Contents Coverage: Typically insures non-fixed items at the insured property. For example, may cover equipment, product inventory, supplies, furniture, appliances, electronics and more.
  • Exterior Signs Coverage: Typically insures detached outdoor signs if they aren’t included within building coverage.
  • Tenant Improvements Coverage: Typically insures the enhancements or modifications undertaken by tenants when building out a leased space.

Does business property insurance include liability protection? 

Business property insurance primarily focuses on safeguarding physical assets, and it usually doesn’t have liability coverages. This is because the liability coverage needs of businesses vary substantially. 

It’s generally easier to purchase liability coverages separately so that they can be customized. Business property and liability coverages are often bundled together, although the actual coverages remain distinct.

Are digital assets covered by business property policies?

Business property policies mainly cover tangible assets, and not so much digital assets. A policy may cover a computer and hard drive, but it’d be unlikely to cover any data or programs stored on the hard drive.

Businesses that need insurance for digital assets should work with a knowledgeable insurance agent, who can assist with exploring what coverage options are available.

Commercial Property Insurance Texas

Do business property policies cover inventory and equipment when off-premises?

The terms of business property policies frequently limit protection to the insured location. If items need to be insured when they’re not at the premises, coverage is likely available through inland marine insurance, builders risk insurance, or another type of policy.

Can multiple locations be included under a single business property policy?

Yes, businesses owning multiple properties across different locations can usually consolidate the locations under a single business property policy. An agent who knows business property insurance well can help find a policy that’ll cover several locations.

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Where can businesses get commercial property insurance for Texas properties?

For help insuring a commercial real estate property that’s in Texas, contact the independent insurance agent at Saxon Insurance Agency. Our agents have helped many businesses insure buildings and other property, and we have the expertise necessary to make sure your business’s property is properly insured with a commercial property insurance policy.

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